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StayChillBill x Slow & Low

StayChillBill is graphic designer, Bill Farrelly, who has become a sought after chainstitch artist. When he is not stitching up something cool, he can be found doing all the things we love… skateboarding, motorcycling, or drinking whiskey. Slow & Low caught up with him for the latter and learned more about his checkered past!

StayChillBill… what does this name mean to you?

- In all honesty, it really doesn’t mean much. It kind of just turned into a thing after i made it my instagram handle years back. It was easy for people to remember and it kind of just stuck. Nowadays people just call people by their ig handles anyway so I’m just letting it run.

How long have you been chain stitching?

- I started in the beginning of 2016 and have been doing it full time since December of 2017.

How did you get into chain stitching?

-    I was working as an art director for a menswear brand and my bosses had a chain stitch machine as decoration in our studio. I had no idea what it was but once I found out what it did I did my best to figure out how to use it. It was hard to find     someone who knew how to fix the machine and when I finally found what seemed like the only man in LA that still worked on these old machines, I had to find out all the other details. What type of thread works, what materials are best, what stabilizer is and what it does, etc. It was a super long process from getting the machine fixed to learning how to work. I would work my full time job and then stay after in our studio pretty much teaching myself how to chain stitch.

Are you a Nudie fan?

-Of course, nudie suits are the coolest. He’s been inspiring designers and embroidery artists since he started. You have to respect the people who came before you and paved the way.

You have done work for Orville Peck and Post Malone to name a few… any project that stands out as a favorite?

- Yeah they are great to work with. I have to give a shout out to stylist Cathy Hahn, she’s the one who’s connected me with those two as she’s their stylist. All the pieces I’ve done for them are in collaboration with her. I really love all the western shirts that we’ve done for Orville and one of my favorites for Post was a leather jacket made for his music video for the song Goodbyes. We also made a real fun beer pong outfit for him that he wore for his set at the bud light super bowl festival back before the pandemic hit. The wild stage outfits were kind of put on hold due to all concerts being cancelled but things have been getting going and we have some cool pieces in the works so make sure to look out for them.

You designed a custom chain stitch jacket for Slow & Low… tell us about the design and what inspired it?

- Well I’ve always been a fan of traditional tattooing and it’s bold lines and bright colors so a lot of my work is influenced from classic designs that have proven through the test of time…….and every design needs to have flames.

What do you listen to when you are in the studio chainstitiching?

- Usually a lot of podcasts. I like the long form conversations while I work. These pieces take hours sometimes days so they help pass the time. Themes ranging from comedy, true crime, educational…..all sorts of stuff. When I’m tired of listening to people talk that’s when the music comes on.

What your favorite way to drink Slow & Low?

- whiskey ginger babyyyyyyyy... 2 oz Slow & Low topped with gingerale

What’s next for you?

-I’m currently working on a big jacket job for Indian motorcycles and another drop with clothing brand Rebel 8. Concerts have started back up so the performance outfits have started again so you’ll be seeing me post some cool ones soon as well along with my personal drops that I squeeze in between all my commission work.

Get chilled and buy something cool at @staychillbill on instagram.