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Ride or Die, Slow & Low revs up for Chicago’s coolest moto event with it’s founder Larry…

What is Motoblot?
Motoblot is an annual Motorcycle & Hot Rod Street Rally on the streets of Chicago every June.
The word "BLOT" has its origin is ancient Norse-Pagen culture. A BLOT is a gathering for worship or with sacrifice.

How did Motoblot come about?
Motoblot evolved from a previous event called Mods vs Rockers Chicago that originated in 2005. It was a Vintage Motorcycle and Scooter show that was a salute to biker culture of 1960's England, which was famously explored in The Who's Album and film titled Quadrophenia. We started Motoblot in 2014 and embraced all things MOTO.

What can attendees experience at Motoblot?
Motoblot is a motorcycle and hot rod lifestyle event where you can totally immerse yourself in moto-culture - the machines, the music and the fashion all come together. Over 20 Rock, Punk and Psychobilly bands are the soundtrack for the street fest that includes over 100 vendors, a motorcycle and hot rod show and a pin-up contest.

Is Motoblot a one-weekend event, or is there more?
Motoblot is only once a year,  usually th weekend in June. Motoblot 2023 is June 23 - 25.

What are some of the previous highlights of Motoblots of the past?
The biggest highlights every year are created by the attendees that bring out their amazing machines.
Fan favorites: the amazing line-up of music and the fabulous 50's influenced Pin-Ups.

What can be expected of Motoblot in the future?
We consistently raise the bar each year by adding exciting new interactive activities. We already have some surprises planned for Motoblot 2023!

Give us a Motoblot playlist in 3 songs:
Sick Boy by Social Distortion, Fire Woman by The Cult and Rock & Roll by Led Zepplin.

What’s your favorite way to drink Slow & Low?
With Coffee, it is a Motoblot Favorite!

What’s your favorite whiskey drinkin’ song?
Roadhouse Blues by The Doors

Motoblot tips… what are the best tips and tricks for getting most out of a Motoblot experience?
Arrive early Friday and stay through late Sunday... and pace yourself.

Anything else you want the Slow & Low fam to know about Motoblot??
We are a famously inclusive urban moto festival. Feel free to be yourself.