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Introducing… Doug Robichaud- @killerdogma a.k.a “Chief of Discovery” for Slow & Low… meet the photographer and United States short list winner in the Monster Children’s 10th annual photo contest in the travel category sponsored by Slow & Low with the prize of becoming Slow & Low’s first ever “Chief of Discovery”

Is it true, you have only been photographing for five years?

Yes, I’ve been shooting photos with a film camera for about five years. My aunt gifted me her 35mm camera collection at a summer cookout back in 2017. A few weeks later, I shot my first roll and have been infatuated with film photography ever since.

You got started on 35mm, is that your preferred camera?

Right now, I prefer shooting with a medium format film camera. I used to only shoot with a 35mm camera until my ex-girlfriend gifted me a Pentax 67 (medium format film camera) for my birthday in 2018. Now, I basically only use that when I shoot photos because I find that it has a greater creative potential for the photos I like to take.

What catches your eye?

Scenes that go unnoticed. Scenes that are a combination of ironic, quirky, rare, and colorful. Photography has made me pay more attention to life around me where I now notice subtle quirks & beauties that I think usually go unnoticed. With photography, I feel like I’m always participating in life by being especially observant which I think is special.

How would you like to evolve as a photographer?

Photography has always been more of a passion than my full-time job and I like it that way. I like that photography is not something I rely on for a living. So when I think about evolving as a photographer, I think about how my style can continue to evolve and not my career. Ultimately, I think as long as I’m getting psyched on the photos I take, I will continue to evolve and grow as a photographer.

Why did you enter the Monster Children photography contest?

Most of my photos just sit on my hard drive, so why not!

Tell us about your winning photo…

This photo is of my ex-girlfriend at the White Sand Dunes National Monument in New Mexico. We were romping around the White Sand Dunes because at the time, me and my ex were living in our campervan visiting places we had neve been to before. A week prior to this photo, we acquired my ex’s sister's crocheted blanket from her mom in Arizona. We were given this blanket to later deliver it to her sister once we drove out to the East Coast for Christmas. The blanket was rad because it was super colorful. So when we were at the White Sand Dunes, I used this colorful blanket to compose a photo. The blanket was the perfect contrast to the sparkling white dunes. I lined up the composition where I had my ex sit on the blanket shirtless and then snapped the shot from a distant dune.

As the winner of our Chief of Discovery for 2021, you get to take the Slow & Low van out for a 2 week photo safari… where will you go and what will you do?

This road trip is Southwest themed, so I’m going to New Mexico with a focus on Santa Fe and Taos since I’ve never visited northern New Mexico before. I will start in San Diego and stop in Joshua Tree, Sedona, Flagstaff, and Holbrook on the way. I believe I will do a lot of things on this trip, including but not limited to: campfires, pellet guns, cheap diner food, gas station coffee, tex mex, greasy hair, meeting the locals, sketchy desert towns, bizarre roadside attractions, and waking up at the butt crack of dawn to watch the sunrise.

What are your expectations of this journey? What do you expect to discover?

My expectations are high to say the least. Road trips are the epitome of pure joy for me. Life on the road is so much more exhilarating and allows me to be more present. I love when I get to be a dirtbag, go with the flow, and embrace the spirit of just passing through. You never know what you will discover on the road.

Give us three songs that will be on your playlist?

  1. Flow Motion by CAN
  2. Stoned And Starving by Parquet Courts
  3. Wasn’t Born To Follow by The Byrds

How do you like to drink Slow & Low…

One giant square ice cube, a whiskey glass, poured straight from the bottle. Add a campfire & a good tune, and we’re in business.