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Traveling Down Under to the idealic Noosaville in Queensland, Australia we meet Thomas Bexon who has been shaping the surf industry one board at a time with Thomas Surfboards… good on ya, mate!

What makes a good surfboard?

I feel it's in the eye of the beholder, everyone's taste varies which is cool, it keeps surfing and boards interesting but for me, something that's timeless, both in shape and aesthetic, if it can look good now and still look good in 10-20 years then it’s on the money as long as it also goes well.

Describe the perfect wave/ride?

It's hard to beat anything that's going to let you get a barrel, kind of the full climax of the surfing experience really, but if it's not big enough then something wit nice shape that will run for a little and leave ya smiling.

Where is your favorite place to surf?

Nothing beats home, either on the points when score one of those sneaky uncrowded mid-week sessions (cheers covid for pretty much making this nonexistence with your “working from home” movement) or those clean days out the front on the open beaches around the corner from home, family and dog on the beach and in the water, classic beach days never get old.

Where haven’t you surfed, that you’d like to…

Always had a fascination of going on a surf trip to the Galapagos islands, I remember seeing an old vis from longboard magazine in the late 90’s with Joel Tudor surfing there and it just looked so unspoilt and full of nature.  Morocco looks rad and although I’ve been I’d love to go back to Mexico and spend time at all those right hand, sand bottom points.

What are you still looking to discover out of surfing/shaping?

The perfect board, I don’t know if there is ever going to be such a thing, but I guess the constant search for it or something close it what keeps you shaping and trying new ideas. As far as surfing goes, I’d love to nail my air game ha but I’m pretty sure I’ve missed that window by a good 20 years.

Can anybody surf? How important is the board to making a surfer?

Definitely, anyone can, but damn it gets pretty crowded if everyone did though, it really depends on where you're at with your surfing and also where you're trying to get to it, boards are important especially if you're trying to progress or achieve something special or look for a certain feel.

If you were not a surfer/shaper, what would you be?

Probably be making or designing something, I know I couldn’t be sitting in an office or behind a desk all day, there's a real satisfaction that comes from producing something with your hands and having a finished product to show for your time.

Tell us about the custom board you made for the Slow & Low x Monster Children Modern Classics collaboration…

It's my take on the classic keel fish design, a few little tweaks here and there that let it be surfed a little tighter than the full blown traditional fish design but still holding onto all the beautiful fish characteristics that go with the fish design. We used some special metallic metal powders that go into the resin to give you a full metallic look to the traditional resin tint or pigment.

How do you like to drink Slow & Low?

Just polished of one on the rocks while typing this, either on the rocks or with a dash of soda water is good for me.