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Slow & Low x Monster Children =

Modern Classics Episode 1 – Photographer Magdalena Wosinka

Meet Magdelena Woskinka- a modern photographer of the times.

Originally hailing from Krakow, Poland, she now calls Los Angeles her home. From behind the lens she has already become a classic eye for skateboarding and music culture. A force of personality and spirit, Magdalena is known for having a camera with her at all times allowing her to keep her human aperture open for new inspiration in every moment. She is always on the hunt. Thankfully her discoveries have become ours to see in every photo that she brings to life....

Ultimately, what are you looking to capture in your photographs?

The human connection between me and them—what or whom I’m photographing.

What’s more important to you: the equipment or the eye?

THE EYE!!!!!!!

Your work features a lot of youth and subcultures like Metal, Skateboarding, Cowgirls, any new subcultures catching you eye lately?

Those are yet to come. You will see in my photos!

Tell us more about the Heavy Metal Parking Lot series… Heavy Metal seems to reside in the 80’s… when/where/how did you capture this subculture?

A lot of my 20’s was spent touring with my band. The music scene really influenced my photography for that decade. The Heavy Metal Parking Lot are images from that time all over the world. Some at black metal shows from Eastern Iceland to Iron Maiden shows in SanBernardino.

Who or What would you like to capture/discover in the camera, that you haven’t yet?

Iggy Pop.

Any advice for aspiring photographers?

Bring your camera EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

What music do you listen to when you’re shooting?

Different things for different moods. :)

What are the top 3 songs on your current playlist?

“Run in the Night” - Wicked Lady
“Victim of Changes” - Judas Priest
“Without Love” - Ronnie Taylor

Tell us about the "I'm Lost Too" print you chose for the Slow & Low x Monster Children Modern Classic's giveaway...

It’s of my dear friend A KLASS. I met them skating under the Oakland bridge. Their partner and
them and I got on really well so I asked if I could photograph them together the following day
and that’s when this image was born. :)

What’s next… Do you have any current personal/ pet projects you’d like to share?

I’m working on a skate book with an archive from the late 90’s to now, a book about my mom,
and a film about mom later down the line.

How do you like to drink Slow & Low?

With friends!

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