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CASTING A WIDE NET FOR THE CREATIVE TYPES in this world is something the team at Slow & Low loves to do. We generally catch something of interest and every now and then we catch a real prize- like we did when the filmmaking duo Bethany and Spencer Showalter answered our call- Read on and learn about their approach to film and photography and how they captured the essence of Slow & Low...


We are both from the south and when we think of a good time, we think of whiskey. And when we think of whiskey, we think of Slow & Low.

We are filmmakers because we love creating with our incredible group of artist friends. And what better way to spend a day than shooting... to capture an essence that is lively, fun, and sparks the imagination of an endless adventure, with friends! We knew right away we wanted to blend the heart of Slow & Low with the soul of Nashville, TN.


Bethany is a seven time award-winning feature film writer and director. Raised in Kentucky and residing in Nashville and LA. She has worked professionally in the film industry for 15 years, directing music videos, commercials and tv pilots. Her debut feature film, Burning Kentucky was distributed internationally in 2020 and is available on all streaming platforms, and she is currently in the throws of directing her second full length film, "I’ll Fly Away."

Spencer was born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Atlanta, GA. He has edited 2 award-winning narrative feature films (Burning Kentucky, Anchorage) and edited and produced 2 feature length documentaries (Brooklyn Folk, The Ash Grove). He also shoots content for a wide array of clientele like Red Bull, Wilderness Collective and Kai Art.


Indie Filmmaking is one of the hardest and most rewarding things we’ve ever done, second only to raising our baby in LA through a pandemic. When you make movies, you create an entire world. And it takes all the people. It is collaboration at its highest form. All the moving pieces coming together for a greater purpose. It is the closest thing to magic we know.


Our inspiration started with the decadent interiors of the The Dive Motel in Nashville, TN. It is a moody 70’s dream and we knew actress and muse, Chelsea Debo would be the perfect fit. Once Chelsea was in from LA, we wanted to give her the full Nashville experience in 24hrs, so we spent the day letting Slow & Low lead the way! It’s not a trip to Nashville without visit to Marathon music and a stroll down Broadway. The whole day was a fever dream of neon lights,,belly laughs, and slow sips of whiskey.


Spencer’s first experience drinking Slow & Low was around a campfire in Utah while shooting an off roading experience for Wilderness Collective. He brought it back home to share with Bethany... around their own backyard bonfire in Nashville. Where there is fire, there should be whiskey!


We shot the films on the same Arri Amira camera that we use to capture our feature film work.The best piece of gear we have is our Ford Transit Van that was converted into a live/work production house on wheels by the craftsman at Boho Camper Vans. Having the Van to take talent around, do hair and make up out of, and of course store and charge camera gear, makes film days a thrill to everyone on board.


3D photos are a fun way to capture the life and energy of a shot. The technique has been around for awhile with cameras like the Niskika 8000 and now brought to the more modern world with the Reto Cam, an analog film camera that takes 3 photos side by side at the same<me. You stitch those photos together and get a fun depth to your shots.


We constantly have these songs on repeat and probably always will:

Cherry Blossom - Kacey Musgraves
I Lied - Lord Huron (with Allison Ponthier)
Sedona - Houndmouth


Next we hit the road, traveling through the South shooting footage for Bethany’s new feature film that is a Documentary/Narrative hybrid. A bone-chilling true story set in a small town inKentucky. Keeping everything hush hush at the moment to stay tuned for more details.