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Slow & Low x Babes Ride Out >> Joshua Tree 2021>>


>>7 babes & 7 questions… Slow & Low spends a night under the stars & round the campfire with Babes Ride Out>>

Babes in attendance:

·Ashmore Ellis: Co-founder ofBabes Ride Out, Babes in the Dirt, and Sierra Stakeout. Rides a custom Harley and also Dirt bikes. 

·Brittany Wood: LA Babe, Rides a custom Harley andDirt Bikes. Been going to Babes events for years. 

·TamaraWilson: Bass player in Wargirl, Mechanical Engineer at Disneyland, Ambassador for Triumph and Atwyld. Rides Vintage Dirt Bikes

·AnyaViolet: Co-founder ofBabes Ride Out, Babes in the Dirt, Atwyld. Rides and races vintage bikes. 

·CorinneMayer: GraphicArtist, Co-Founder Atwyld. Rides vintage Dual sport

·JoyLewis: Collector of vintage dirt bikes, races flat track, world traveler. 

·JaimeDempsey: FormerBartender, Co-Founder Atwyld, Life- Long Motorcyclist, Host of History AsiaRide N Seek

How do you prefer the road: Less Traveled, Long and Winding, or Built for Speed?

 Tamara Raye- “Why limit yourself!? Long, winding AND less traveled please! + Bonus points if it is a dirt road!”

 Corinne Mayer- “Long andWinding with a grand finale of Built for speed!”


Who has the best babe on a motorcycle story? Obviously share it please…

 Jamie Dempsey- “I’ve traveled to the Philippines many times over the years, and I’ve made a lot of moto friends there. My favorite time was riding some dirt trails up in the hills outside ofManila. The dirt was almost orange, and the foliage was bright green, I was taken by such beautiful scenery and that I got to share it with a bunch of myFilipino friends, All of a sudden there was a torrential downpour and they all said we had to get moving before it became so muddy we would get stuck there overnight. “It wouldn’t be the first time!” they shouted. That spooked me a little but it was also kind of thrilling to race against the clock. I’ve never ridden through mud like that before it was almost like clay and stuck to our tires making the ride very slippery. When we finally got out of there we were all high fives and smiles. Sharing moments like that create lasting memories and I will always look back on that time and feel grateful to have been there.”

 Ashmore Ellis- “Riding mountains to the desert traversing hundreds of miles without a stop sign, or light, to a little hole in the wall venue where a great band, cold drink, and BBQ awaited. We danced to Conner Oberst letting loose on the stage, laughed, camped in the dirt, and woke up the next day to continue north and do it again. Being on the road with nothing but the clothes on your back, a tent, and 0 cares in the world is the most liberating feeling I've ever felt.” 


What does Babes Ride Out mean/represent?

 Anya Violet- “Babes Ride Out is a community and it represents like-minded women who love to ride motorcycles. Pretty simple.”

 Joy Lewis- “Empowered! BRO is a constant reminder that we are empowered to ride our own line and make this life whatever we want it to be.”

What have you discovered on this trip?

 Britany Woods- “That I don't need to pack so many hats.”

 Ashmore Ellis- “To pay attention to these small moments in time when we can recharge and rebalance. We need these experiences just as much as we need each other.”


What are the top three songs on the Babes Ride Out playlist…

Anya- “Little Girl” -Wargirl, “TOTO” -Africa, “Kiss”-Prince

Brittany- “Always Forever” – Cults, “Miracle of Life” - Bright Eyes, “Want my Heart Back” - Nikki Lane

Tamara- “TOTO”- Africa (duh), “CarelessWhisper” - George Michael... is it bad if I pick my own band? “Little Girl”- WARGIRL

Joy- “Little Girl”- Wargirl, “A Girl Like You”- Edwyn Collins, ”Naked, If I Want To”- Cat Power

Jamie- “In the Dead of Night”- OrvillePeck, “Little Girl” -War Girl, “Scavenger Hunt”- Rip Tides

Corrine- “Rapture” -Blondie, “TheLess I Know the Better” -Tame Impala, “Little Girl”- War Girl

Ashmore- “Uptight” - Stevie Wonder, “Move on Up” - Curtis Mayfield,“9-5” - Dolly Parton 


How to do you like to drink Slow & Low?

 Joy Lewis- “In far away places, with my favorite faces.”

Jamie Dempsey- “One ice cube, an orange peel, and a campfire… XO”

AshmoreEllis- “Neat”

Let’s ride! Wanna know more about Babes Ride Out...

 Babes Ride Out started with a group of women saying "YES" to a ladies only weekend of riding and camping at an undisclosed location in the desert. What started asa casual campout has grown into a nearly decade long event series, platform and movement with a goal of bringing women together to share the love of two-wheeled adventure. Follow @babesrideout on instagram and facebook and check out to join in the fun.