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In the Driver's Seat with Hannah Elliott

On-road, off-road, 2 wheels, or 4... Hannah Elliot has a dream job. Whether she is suiting up for a meeting in the boardroom, or suiting up for another test drive- um, that is her “day job” job, test driving vehicles for Bloomberg review- Hannah is in the driver’s seat. Buckle up & let'’s get ready to ride!


Ok, for real, you have a “dream job” test driving and writing about cars, trucks, motorcycles… moving vehicles, for Bloomberg Business week. So naturally we need to know… how did you get this gig?

It’s a long story! The short version is this: I graduated from Baylor University with a journalism degree. I moved to New York City. I answered a Craigslist ad listed by Forbes magazine and got hired as the assistant editor to theAutomotive Editor, who taught me a lot, as did Joann Muller, who was the Forbes Detroit Bureau Chief at the time. I worked my way up from there. That was more than 15 years ago.


Do you have any “formal” training/experience as a “driver”?

I do now, having attended Ferrari driving schools, Lamborghini driving schools, myriad track days, etc. But I didn’t when I first started—unless you count my dad teaching 16-year-old me to drive his 1979 Ford F-150 truck out on the backroads of Oregon. “If you can’t find it, grind it!” he’d tell me gleefully as I learned to drive that old stick-shift. We were not exactly a car family.


What has been your favorite ride so far?

My favorite drive so far is my 1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. It’s the only vehicle I have owned since college. With a long wheelbase, olive green exterior and silent, stately ride, it makes me feel like a million bucks whenever I drive it.


What has been your least favorite ride so far?

Hmmm…Fisker Karma, Nissan GTR, Fiat 500, anything that smacks of an over-priced, over-promised appliance. And any blob of a sedan or crossover SUV that has zero personality—something where if you took the badge off, you couldn’t tell who made it.


What is on your dream list of autos to drive?

This might sound strange, since it’s not a sexy supercar, but I am very curious to drive the Rivian electric truck that will be launching in June. When you consider that the US vehicle market is 70% trucks and SUVs, it could be the most impactful debut of the year.


Do you prefer asphalt and speed or off-road experiences?

Yes, to all.


What’s the most exotic place you have traveled to test drive a vehicle?

Athens was stunning. Monte Carlo was glamorous. Bologna was so friendly and welcoming—except when I tried to pay highway tolls in USD.


When "test driving" what are your top three music picks for a ride?

Bill Withers, CHVRCHES, SleighBells, Hole, Big Mama Thornton, Cardi B, Chromatics, Muddy Waters, Lana DelRey, Air, Gin Blossoms, Andrew Belle, Jay Z, The Weekend…I could go on and on…


As a writer, if you weren’t covering the auto world, what would be your next favorite subject?

Dissecting what the equal opportunity and equal value of women looks like, in today’s world.


How do you like to drink Slow & Low?

NEAT! With a single ice cube on the side, please.

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