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Paradise is classic cars & motorcycles for photographer Adri Law

Those With A Checkered Past- raises a checkered flag for our newest feature, Adri Law- creator of the Paradise Road Show and badass photographer- who is winning the race of converting a new generation into classic car, motorcycle, and old-fashioned drinking enthusiasts…

Classic Cars & Motorcycles?

Yes, I’ve always had an interest in old cars. My dad had a few vintage sports cars when I was growing up, but when I was about 9 or 10, there was this white ’65 Mustang that caught my eye. We would drive by it every morning on the way to school and from then on it was my absolute dream car for years! Since then, I’ve always admired and been drawn to them, but strangely enough it was getting into motorcycles that brought me closer to cars. I’ve been riding bikes for about 6 years now and that kind of happened out of the blue. I saw one of my long time girlfriends starting to ride and I just really wanted to try it. She was super helpful and even used to let me practice riding on her little Yamaha 250! Fast forward a few years and so many of my friends who had old bikes also had old trucks, and all of a sudden, I was around old cars much more often. Then, I started meeting more people with old cars and going to car shows and meeting more people, so it just snowballed from there.

You created the Paradise Road Show with Lana Macnaughton to showcase classic Americana car and motorcycle culture for a younger audience. How did you do this?

We really poured our energy into creating an event that we genuinely would want to attend. It’s very curated. From the decor to the vendors, we included things that we, and our friends love! There are a lot of really awesome motorcycle shows, but only a few car shows that aren’t aimed solely at people with ‘show’ cars. We realized that there weren’t any shows, that we knew of, that were equal parts car and motorcycle. There would always be cool old trucks in the lot outside the motorcycle show or some cool old bikes in the lot outside the car show, but that doesn’t cut it for us! We wanted to create a space for people our age- a younger demographic- that just have badass vehicles…2 wheels or 4 wheels… whether they are fully restored or daily drivers, we love them… as long as they are 1975 and older! We have a space for ‘em at the show!

You just hit the road on a moto journey. Where did you go and what was a highlight of the trip?

My best friend Becky (@actuallyitsaxel) and I took a little trip to Julian, CA to eat some pie and just get away for a few days! We spent 3 days riding around and 2 nights camping. Our favorite part of the trip was definitely the first evening… It was the hottttttest/longest riding day and a bee got stuck in my boot and STUNG ME (!!!) but, when we finally got to the campsite, it was so pretty! We unloaded our bikes, set up the tent, grabbed the Slow & Low and poured ourselves a well-deserved drink!

What are the top 3 preparations for a moto roadtrip like this one?

Making sure your bike is good to go! - We rented bikes for this one and it was super fun to try bikes that were super different than the ones we own

Plan the route and make camping reservations.

Yelp for a good place to eat on the way or near your campsites!

Do you prefer the road to be fast and straight or long and winding?

Long and winding! You don’t always have to be going fast for a ride to be fun.

Top 3 selections for your playlist…

I’ve really been loving riding without music lately. I love to use the time + space to clear my mind and get inspired.

What is your dream car? Motorcycle?

Car - I have my current dream car, a ’64 Falcon and I have been consistently working on it- to make it even dreamier than when I got it!

Motorcycle - an Early 60’s Harley XLCH Sportster

As a photographer, what captures your eye?

Obviously old cars, but when it comes to everyday shooting, I love catching little moments and special details.

How do you like to drink Slow & Low?

Poured straight into a mug and sitting by a fire!

What’s next for you?

More moto trips, more classic car photos, and a lot more Slow & Low old-fashioneds!