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For Those With A Checkered Past… We Salute You! Featuring- Becky Goebel




I was born to drive things. I’ve always had something in my head that draws me towards anything with wheels, or speed for that matter. I grew up on a farm in Central Canada and there was always old cars, dirt bikes, 3-wheelers or old snowmobiles around. Since a young age I always wanted to know how to drive things. I still lose my entire attention span every time a motorcycle or fast car drives by. My Dad is a biker & used to race motoX, My Mom rides, My Grandpa is in his 80s and still goes on massive motorcycle adventures every summer, my Grandma used to ride and my other Grandpa used to ride. To say I have motorcycles in my blood is an understatement. There’s a weird thing going on inside me that makes me love motorcycles & be good at them… but I don’t know how to fully explain it or what it is.


I currently own 5 motorcycles but my daily rider right now is my 2001 Harley Davidson Sportster Chopper. It’s all chrome and is in a rigid frame. There’s no suspension and no front break. I’ve always loved motorcycles for that *feel cool* factor and I really don’t think there’s a cooler motorcycle than an old-school looking chopper. I’ve owned a few ridged choppers and I’ve ridden them across the country, multiple times. There’s not really anything else like it. They’re totally impractical, hard to ride, scary and dangerous, but the feeling you get out there on the road is nothing near like riding any other style bike.


“If You Can Read This, The Bitch Fell Off” is a very common shirt graphic you will see worn at most motorcycle events these days. It’s one of many sexist quotes I’ve seen flaunted around motorcycle culture. I decided to turn around a few of these sayings and put them on shirts - mostly just to piss off old-school people.


2021 has been one of the biggest years of my life for a lot of reasons. The Build Train Race program is one of them. In January, Royal Enfield Motorcycle Company chose 7 women from around America to be a part of the program - I was one of them. Each woman was given a brand new 2020 GT650 Motorcycle and some parts to build it into a race bike. Throughout the next 8 months I built the bike into a track bike, travelled around the states to different tracks Training with all sorts of mentors and professionals & then raced at Moto America 3 times. It’s been a pretty wild experience considering I didn’t even know what Road Racing was a year ago.


Track riding is a sport. Those racers are athletes. It’s an insane style of racing - probably one of the gnarliest next to Super Moto. The tracks are concrete and have all sorts of technical elevations, twists and turns. The riders wear full leather protective gear and the bikes are high-performance super bikes that have slick tires that need to be warmed up before riding on the track. It’s quite a bit different than street riding although you will sometimes see this style of bike and rider out in the canyons trying to drag a knee around a corner! It’s been really cool to get into a new discipline of motorcycles, learn the culture and advance my riding skills.


#Girlpower is doing whatever the hell you wanna do and not giving a fuck who’s watching or what they think. I’m sick of women feeling like they have to fit a certain mold just because it’s what society says is ‘normal’. You’ll see me say things online or in interviews like, “I do what I want” or “I hate rules”… and of course always throwing up a middle finger. It really is just my attitude everyday because I only have one life to live and if you don’t like it or don’t accept it… well, fuck you - I’m never going to stop.


Slow & Low is a huge part of my support system. They & my other sponsors help me be able to live the life I love and for that - they are part of my team and I am a part of theirs. I truly love Slow & Low as a brand and a product and am happy to be a part of the crew. I love when brands just GET IT and want to help influential people continue to do what they do and let them be free. Slow & Low is that for me - plus they’re there at the end of every ride to sip on & make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.What is Axel Co.?


Axel Co. Is my company I started during COVID Quarantine last year. I realized I needed to figure out how to be more independent - career wise. I was about to turn 30 and it has been a lot of years of hustling brands to do shoots, content creation and writing work so I decided to take that downtime to create something more self-sufficient and even possibly pandemic-proof. I started off with the “Dude Fell Off” T-Shirt and eventually moved onto gloves. The website now has 6 different styles of gloves, tons of shirt graphics that mostly poke-fun of old biker sexism, hoodies, patches, collabs with other brands & more. It’s been a year now and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my career. I just love it.


On the rocks out of the bottle is my favorite!


Do it! I’m living proof that anyone can ride a motorcycle. Take a riders course, get your license, test ride bikes, buy an old bike and learn to fix it, take your time and be open to listening to riding advice from others! It’s skill over strength and anyone can learn how to ride if you’re taught properly. See you on the road, brat.


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