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You may have seen her before- Adri Law- previously featured on our Slow & Low social channels as a photographer and owner of the Paradise Roadshow. Adri has long been waiving the Slow & Low flag and we are pumped to share that Adri has become an official “Team Rider” for Slow & Low (yes, she rides moto too) as well as our host for the Slow & Low Happy Hour IGTV show. We say cheers to that!

Adri, you are a photographer, classic car afficianado, moto rider, and now happy hour host… what qualities are you looking for in the guest you choose to feature on the Happy Hour series?

Im looking to chat with people who are passionate about what they do and who I and the audience can learn from, whether we come from the same worlds or not.

Your first Slow & Low Happy Hour is coming up on March 24th can you share any details…

In our first Slow & Low Happy Hour I will be chatting with Doug Robichaud @killerdogma He has just become the Slow & Low’ Chief of Discovery... sounds pretty cool! I’m really excited to chat with him about his work, what his new title means to him, and what he plans to do with it!

Who is your favorite talk show/ interview host?

Theres a few that I love, some traditional, and some not. I really love this show called ‘UNHhhh’ by Trixie Mattel and Katya, two drag queens from Ru Pauls Drag Race. They literally just sit and chat about whatever then want, in full drag, and there are no guests, but they are honestly just HILARIOUS ! More on the traditional side, I love the Jimmy Fallon show. He always connects with his guest so well and the games they come up with are so fun to watch.

Who would be your dream guest for the Slow & Low Happy Hour series?

It would have to be Constance Nunes…look her up and thank me later !

Any tips or tricks to getting a great interview?

Be prepared ! Having a fun, candid, and informative convo is the goal but have an outline and talking points !

Any tips or tricks on how to drink Slow & Low?

Always have a few of the cans in the fridge !

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Tune in and watch Adri LIVE for the Slow & Low Happy Hour on IGTV. Every 4th Wednesday of the month at 5pm PST.